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Social network, mobility and the cloud represent special and unique opportunities for synergy among several existing and emerging communities that are now often evolving in isolated silos. All three areas hold much promise for the future of computing, and represent significant challenges for large scale data management. As these three areas evolve, their direct influence on significant decisions on each other becomes evident and critical. The potential for cross fertilization among these three areas of important research will drive much of the research in academia, and the products in industry. It is therefore critical that researchers develop a coherent vision for these new directions to address a set of diverse topics including designing and developing algorithms for large-scale query analysis of mobile and social data on the cloud, designing a cloud-based transactional model for mobile and social network applications, data storage in the cloud, security and privacy of mobile and social network applications on the cloud, and addressing the unique characteristics of both mobile and social network applications, e.g., data streaming and spatial data, on the cloud environment.

This invitation-only NSF workshop aims to bring together leading researchers, practitioners, and planners to discuss and articulate interesting directions that the community should pursue in deploying large-scale mobile and social network applications on the cloud environment.