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April 24:  Our submission site is now available at

July 9:  The contest results will be released on Sept 15th.

July 31:  We will have additional hardware prizes from Nividia for the contest winners.

Nov 13:  Contest Results are published.

Solution Members Affiliations Efficiency Score Correctness Score Final Score Rank
"Point-Polygon Topological Relationship Query using Hierarchical Indices" Tianyu Zhou; Hong Wei; Heng Zhang; Yin Wang; Yanmin Zhu; Haibing Guan Shanghai Jiaotong University & Facebook 70.5 milliseconds 18998.875 261.8232859 1st
Edge-Based Locality Sensitive Hashing for Efficient Geo-Fencing Application Yi Yu; Suhua Tang; Roger Zimmermann National University of Singapore 77.75 milliseconds 18998.875 238.0181325 2nd
Quick Geo-Fencing Using Trajectory Partitioning and Boundary Simplification Suikai Li; Weiwei Sun; Renchu Song; Zhangqing Shan; Zheyong Chen; Xinyu Zhang Fudan University 141 milliseconds 18676.625 130.3732294 3rd